Estonian National Museum

Tartto, estonia










Estonian National Museum


DGT Architects / Dan Dorell, Lina Ghotmeh, Tsuyoshi Tane



Pille Lausmäe Interior Architects


Elke Mööbel



Tartto, Estonia






Over 1000 pcs And PT chairs,
design Antti Kotilainen

Arena 033 B, barstools,
design Pasi Pänkäläinen

chair trolleys

In the first singing festival in 1860’s in Tartu were fantasized about National Museum and its own house. When the decision to establish a museum was made in the city in 1909, no-one could not imagine, that specially designed building would be achieved as late as 107 years later.

The new museum building is designed by young designers from Parisian architect office DGT Architects (architects: Dan Dorell, Lina Ghotmeh and Tsuyoshi Tane). Magnificent building is over 350 meters long and its net area is almost 40 000 m². Memory field designed by French architects is built in the former military air base at the end of the runway.

The new museum building will be used for organising different events and happenings, addition to exhibition areas the building will have for example work rooms, multi-functional hall, art gallery and library.

The Estonian National Museum hosted its opening gala in August 2016. Even 200 000 visitors yearly are expected to the museum.

AND-chair's individual look –
LOGO of the museum created in the backrest

Customer’s need


Total quantity of And chairs was big, all in all over 1000 pcs. Customer and interior architect both liked the design and ergonomic of the chair, but they wanted individual, unique look for the chair.



Museum logo was created in the backrest as visual element. This was made with CNC-milling tool so the backrest was milled by actual cut according to the logo. Half of the chairs have front upholstery with Gabriel Event fabric, half are without upholstery. The visitor’s look passes through the logo in the backrest, which is interesting detail. Black powder coated frame completes the look of the chairs.


CNC-milling tool in our factory in Salo enables us to customize the veneer shells. Also the manufacturing and form pressing of the shells are in our own hands, so we can offer our customers almost unlimited opportunities for customizing chairs.

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