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New Children's Hospital



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SARC Architects

Architectural Group Reino Koivula


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SARC Architects / Pasi Hämäläinen




Isku Interior Oy



Helsinki, Finland






Amina chair

Pi Collection: A.1 chair, F.1 stool and M.2 table

Stil chair

The New Children's Hospital, introduced in autumn 2018, will treat children from across the country, and be the main provider of more demanding pediatric treatment like heart surgery and organ transplants.

The design goal of the facility was to enable first-class medical processes and to provide children and their parents with the most comfortable hospital experience.

The New Children's Hospital has 141 wards, 11 operating rooms and 18 intensive care units - The main aim was to build the best children's hospital in the world.

Parents are allowed to stay with their child around the clock

Customer’s need

One of the most significant improvements about the New Children's Hospital is that it will enable parents or guardians to be more present when their youngsters are hospitalized. Parents will now have the opportunity to stay overnight at the hospital, for example.


Furniture must also meet the requirements of designers and end users of the facility. The basic requirements for furniture in demanding hospital environments are qualitative durability in continuous use and easy cleaning of furniture.

In the New Children's Hospital project very important requirements were also the design language, color scheme and ergonomics of furniture. Only models that optimally support the families' experience in the hospital was selected in the project.


For the New Children's Hospital our Amina chairs, Pi chairs, stools and tables as well as a few wall-mounted Stil chairs were chosen.


Amina chairs have been used in many different parts of the hospital. The chairs have been exceptionally colorful and thus became a decorative elements in the interior. In terms of manufacturing, we can produce chairs in custom colors as easily as a chairs in standard colors.


The beautiful A.1 chairs with wooden legs from the Pi Collection offer excellent seat comfort for everyone. The shell of the chair, made from 3d-veneer, provides seating comfort, which makes possible to sit comfortable in a small chair for several hours. It also supports your back perfectly.

Our M-model table from the Pi Collection was specially made with a lower height for this project and therefore fits perfectly to the lounge chairs from other manufacturer.

Wall-mounted Stil chairs were also chosen for this project. When chair is not used, the seat is in upright position and saves room space.

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