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I care.
You care.
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CARRII cares about the environment. She is made out of recycled PET.

CARRII cares about you. She carries you and lets you sit comfortably.

CARRII is light and surprisingly easy to carry around.

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Piiroinen CARRII S1 chair

CARRII Collection

The collection is designed especially for lounges and conference rooms.

Four different frame variations and seat cushion in several different colors tailor the chair to suit your needs.

Frame variations: S1 with standard frame, S2 with return mechanism, S3 with wheels, and S4 with return mechanism and wheels.

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The form pressed seat of the CARRII chair is made of recycled PET.

Ökö-Tex 100 certificate is a guarantee that material contains no harmful substances, heavy metals or formaldehyde residues.

Seat has a warm felt-like feeling.

Design Stefan Lindfors

AX Collection

The AX Collection is designed by Stefan Lindfors and includes a dining chair and a bar stool, with or without upholstery.

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Piiroinen AX Collection

AX Collection is designed especially for hotels and restaurants

The designer’s goal was to create something practical and beautiful with something that grabs attention. In addition to the interesting upholstery, the downward curving hems of the seat cup attract attention.

Stackable and light AX chairs are very practical in hotel and restaurant use.

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Design F-LAB

Expanded Pi Collection

We have expanded the Pi Collection with new Pi P chairs and also collaborated with Kvadrat Really to create the new Pi table with the latest and most innovative materials.

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Piiroinen Pi P chair

Pi P

Seat cups of the Pi P chairs are made of DuraSense® Pure S50 biocomposite or polyamide with glass fiber (PA+15GF). The chair’s upholstery is recycled PET.

The collection is designed to compete with common plastic chairs.

Pi P is available in five different frame variations.

Pi  x Kvadrat Really

Our original Pi L table with a pioneering Textile Tabletop by Kvadrat Really.

Textile tabletop is a high-quality circular engineered material that drives the transition to a no-waste future. Designed to be reused, it is made from upcycled end-of-life textiles and is fully circular.

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Versatile life cycle services for public spaces

Furniture design and manufacturing is part of our company’s core. With this expertise, we maintain and repair furniture, auditoriums and other venues.

We are also modernizing different facilities to meet needs of modern multi-purpose use. Our operations are not limited only to our own furniture collections.

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