Flakes Collection

Design SHL Design

The FLAKES chair was originally designed for the new art museum ARoS in Århus, Denmark. Thanks to its elegant design and inspiring materials, the tables and chairs of this collection are of interest to interior designers of public spaces all around the world. The glassfibre seat and tabletop can be made as a translucent, one colour or with different patterns or graphics. In addition, the furniture can be customised with the customer own design. Over the years we have made cooperation in customization with Marimekko, Moomin Characters and our current partner Ivana Helsinki Paola Suhonen. For many projects, the furniture in the FLAKES collection was also implemented with an image theme related to the project, for example, the students of the educational institution were able to design their own print.

Currently, we are actively selling FLAKES 2.0 chairs made of recyclable polypropylene, as well as upholstered FLAKES conference and lounge chairs.