Pi P.2 chair

Tuotekoodi: FT07578

Design F-LAB

We have expanded the Pi Collection with Pi P chairs.

Pi P chairs are designed to compete with common plastic chairs.

Pi P.2 chair has wooden legs. The cushion is made of recycled PET and the seat cup is made of DuraSense® Pure S50 biocomposite or polyamide with glass fiber (PA+15GF).

The chair in the product image has a white polyamide seat cup, which will also be available in other colors in the future. We will also expand the color selection of PET felt upholstery. Please ask for more information about our sales!



Durasense® PURE S50

Stora Enso’s DuraSense contains high amount of renewable fibrous material, giving it several notable advantages:

  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Unique tactile feeling
  • Natural appearance

Project Collection

Looking for something else? Our Project Collection includes a wider selection of accessories, materials, and products. The products of the standard collection can be also customized by project.

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The products of the Pi Collection are designed and made in Finland.




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