Projects characteristics from the point of view of furniture manufacturer

Several parties participate in the projects bringing the expertise of different sectors along. According to our experience in successful furniture solutions different points of view, objectives and needs must be very widely understood.

Because the furnishing in practice is carried out at the final stage of projects, the furniture solutions also are often directed by the very strict edge conditions which are given in advance.

Understanding of the main objects of projects and different needs

The experience brings the ability to listen and to understand, not only what has been said, but also the unclear needs and wishes behind the words. Our way of action is to take an active role in the proposing of the best possible solutions. We can give our expertise into our partners' use the more widely the earlier we are included in the project. The functional dialogue between the members of the project is the foundation for a successful project.

Converting customer objectives and needs into real functional solutions

Which scope do we and participate in in the project naturally varies. We can be responsible for the layout planning of the new auditorium or stand, the delivery of pieces of furniture and the mounting.

There are numerous examples of indoor ice-skating rinks in which we have been able to increase the state capacity without weakening the user convenience of the state, thanks to our planning know-how.

There are numerous projects where we have delivered our tailored standard products, project specific or special made products.

The product development and manufacturing which is in our own hands, and our wide partner network give us nearly endless opportunities to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers.

The steady professional expertise is the foundation of our success. In addition to the special requirements of each assignment our goal is always to exceed the customer's expectations.