The Mežaparks Great Bandstand

riga, latvia







The Mežaparks Great Bandstand



Riga City Council


Latvian Architects collaborative team - Mailitis Architects and Juris Poga's Bureau 







Mežaparks, Riga, Latvia






about 6500 pcs of benches in different legths with foldable legs (30800 seats)

The Mežaparks Great Bandstand, also called the Song Festival Bandstand, Open-Air Stage, is a large open-air bandstand in the Mežaparks neighborhood of Riga, the capital of Latvia. The bandstand has added cultural value to Riga since 1955, when the Latvian Song and Dance Festival was moved to this venue.

Latvian Nationwide Song and Dance Celebration is the greatest performance in the Land That Sings. The Celebration is a jewel of Latvian culture accessible to each and every one. Urban and rural people from all walks of life maintain this tradition, recognized as unique by the UNESCO. Tens of thousands of people sing and dance once every five years, as seen by national and global audiences live and via radio and television broadcasts.

It has been an honor for Piiroinen to take part in the renewal of an area known and valued by the whole nation and also worldwide.

PHOTOS Vil Muhametshin and Reinis Oliņš
Latvian National Centre for Culture Archive


Customer’s need


Reconstruction of the spectator area for the 2018 Latvian Song and Dance Festival with audience field extension to 30 800 seats (23 000 seats before).
Transformable audience field increased the capacity to 60 000 standing places.

So the benches had to be easily removable, fast in installation and easy in storage.



Stable, stackable, light weight bench with folding legs, that can be easily lifted by two persons and safety carried with forklift to the warehouse. Each bench was marked with barcode for easier and faster installation.

Hot dip galvanized steel frame of the bench is very durable and galvanized against weather and wear. Wood is maintenance free.

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