Auditorium seating systems

From layout design to furniture installation

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Build appealing, durable and comfortable auditoriums

As a manufacturer we collaborate with architects and interior designers in order to accomplish challenging projects. We can take responsibility for the entire auditorium project, from layout design to furniture installation.

We implement both fixed and telescopic auditoriums for new and modernization projects.


We design and manufacture the seats and telescopic seating systems according to customer’s needs.

Every venue project starts with careful planning. Our experts can help the designers and architects create a customer oriented lay-out plan.

Our services also include installation and supervision, maintenance and renewal as well as update and modification works.


Telescopic tribunes are delivered by our exclusive partner who specializes in the design and the manufacture of retractable seating systems.

All tribunes are designed according to project. Piiroinen takes responsibility for the overall project.

Movable tribunes are easy to move by air cushions and they not leave any marks on the floor.


  • Tailored according to customer wishes
  • Applies the European standards (EN13200 1, 3, 4, 5) and egionally applicablelegislation
  • Complies with the ConstructionProducts Regulation (CPR, European legislation 305/2011)
  • EN1090 certified according to the”system 2+” to affix the required CE marking to load-bearing the steel construction components and to write declaration of performance
  • 10-year warranty on metal structure and propulsion system
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Operates with rigid chain => the system does not depend on floor traction. A retractable seating system will always be opened and closed in a perfect way. The entire system is autonomous and self-supporting and does not come in contact with the floor at any time. As a result, there are never any stability issues, friction problems or scratches on the floor of the hall.
  • The chain propulsion system gradually and evenly pushes the rigid chain forward. As a result, each platform moves smoothly into position every time.
  • Wheels are heavy industrial load wheels, size and number designed for each project. As a result, gentle for floor materials and maintenance free.


Our catalogue includes various appealing and well-functioning products for auditorium use.

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